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Great engineering is a combination of creative problem solving and detailed, analytic thinking.  Since 2006, REDI has provided clients with insight, empowerment and direction thanks to our dedication to a well-rounded, personal approach to engineering. Our team handles projects both large and small in the realms of civil, mechanical and forensic engineering, delivering services such as:
  • Product development
  • Computer aided engineering
  • Inspection and investigation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Failure analysis
  • Litigation support
Our philosophy at REDI is simple:  Embrace variety.  Do good work.  Define the problem correctly and work through it. Delight when genius is found in simplicity.  Develop outstanding client relationships.

Why choose REDI for your next project

One of our greatest strengths at REDI is the variety of work we do. Whether it’s work involving machines or buildings, this variety has profoundly helped our clients in a number of ways. But most importantly, when you work with REDI you are getting a true partner organization. We pledge to be personable and honest to develop a great relationship with you. We also take the time to explain every issue in layman’s terms to make it easier for you to learn about how exactly we will solve your problem.

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Hi, I’m John Thomazin. I am a licensed engineer but a lot of my time is spent troubleshooting. My ideal client has a has a technical problem, has limited engineering resources, but seeks an infusion of engineering expertise to overcome their technical problems. REDI provides engineering services tailored to clients’ projects. By keeping in mind that engineering is rooted in applied physics, we keep engineering simple and practical. We’re easy to work with. We do good work. Clients appreciate our professionalism and simplicity, so the important stuff isn’t lost. Thanks for visiting REDI Engineering. Let me know how we can help you with your next engineering project.
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Civil, Mechanical & Forensic Engineering Services


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Civil, Mechanical & Forensic Engineering Services

Clients rely on our engineering and technical expertise when seeking solutions to matters involving analysis, design, investigation, or litigation support. We create valuable solutions for client’s problems by leveraging knowledge. That’s why every project begins with understanding—gaining knowledge of—client’s needs. To do this requires capable listening. Our goal is to earn our client’s confidence and the right to offer advice based on fact, not to just land a project. We listen for what’s different in each case, apply knowledge to the situation, then tell clients what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. REDI devises solutions rooted in this kind of solid relationship built upon knowledge and trust. We’ve provided valuable solutions by applying our experience and knowledge in engineering, mathematics, and science to client needs since 2006. Trust-based relationships, expertise, high integrity, and great results are the reasons you should hire us.

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REDI Engineering, Inc. 3054 33rd Ave, Suite 2 Columbus, NE 68601 P: 402-564-3456 [email protected]